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Grand Slam Xtreme Hip Hop

Xtreme Hip-Hop

Aerobic Fitness

Instructor Emily Simonton is at the head of Grand Slam's Xtreme Hip Hop experience. Mrs. Simonton is enthusiastic about personal fitness, and driven to make the most out of the aerobic exercises associated with Xtreme Hip Hop. FIRST CLASS IS FREE!

Xtreme Hip Hop is a music-based fitness program made up of step aerobics, cardio and strength workouts. Extreme Hip Hop workouts can last between 45 minutes to an hour. Participants can expect a calorie burning experience that is full of positive energy and enthusiasm.

Xtreme Hip Hop Schedule


xtreme Hip Hop


6:30 - 7:30 pm

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Misty Kinzer

I thoroughly enjoyed class today. I'm not a huge fan of exercise. But Emily's class was fun, full of energy, had great music, and helps bring out your inner Rockstar. It makes you (almost) forget you're exercising. I can't wait to join you all again. Thanks Emily!

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Beth White

This is the most fun I have EVER had working out!! I am ADDICTED! I get to hang out with awesome friends, dance to great music and I’m losing weight and getting stronger!!!

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Amanda Wilkerson

My daughter Sarah and I had great time tonight in our first class, we will differently be back. Thank you!!


Emily Simonton

Mrs. Simonton is Grand Slam's certified group fitness instructor and black-belt, who is in charge of shaping students as they attend Xtreme Hip Hop classes. Mrs. Simonton is also a Mental Health Clinician for Horizon Behavioral Health and is a resident of Lynchburg, VA. Feel free to contact Mrs. Simonton on Facebook to schedule your first, FREE, workout!

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