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Grand Slam Fit

"In order to carry a positive action we must deliver here a positive vision." - Dalai Lama

Grand Slam Martial Arts Lesson Reflection


Grand Slam Fit

Grand Slam Fit began as an exclusively martial-arts centered enterprise, with world-champion Sensei Jeff Doss leading the instructions. In recent years, Grand Slam Fit has developed into more than a martial-arts studio. Now Grand Slam Fit provides courses dedicated to personal growth and development, with an emphasis on athletic movement. The services include: Yoga, Pound-Fit, & Dance.

For families struggling to keep their children positively engaged during the Covid-19 Epidemic, Grand Slam Fit provides an additional service called Distance Learning Program. Click HERE to learn more!

Sensei Jeff Doss @ Grand Slam Martial Arts

no matter where you'RE from, you ARE WELCOME.

Jeff Doss has been at the head of Grand Slam Fit for many years, passing the torch to his students so that they might serve their community.

The Grand Slam family includes a variety of mentors who are dedicated to shaping their students. ALL ages are welcome!

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